Desmi Rotan Seminar 2019

Pumps and Pumping System Training Seminar

the Pumps and Pumping System Training Seminar which program would be one full day and held on July 17th 2018, 9:30 to 16:30 at Golden City Rayong Hotel. This seminar is jointly organized by Top Energy and Engineering CO., LTD. and DESMI ROTAN (Germany and Singapore).
This program aim to help you and your company to understand about the Pumps and Pumping System.

Main topics of the seminar (Classroom session) as below:

  • Pumping System, system curve and NPSH . Changes of Viscosity and System pressure loss and system curves..

    • NPSHa and NPSHr and why NPSH is so important to pumps and pumping system?
    • Typical issues and troubleshooting of pumps and pumping system…
  • Types of PD Pumps and Key Applications of each type of PD pumps . Type and General characteristics of PD pumps – Gear, Vanes, Screw, Piston, Lobe, Hose and AODP

    • Applications and Advantage and Disadvantages of each type of PD pumps?
    • Characteristic and Type of centrifugal pumps ?

      • When we should using centrifugal pumps and When we should using PD pumps?
  • Key Application of Desmi and Rotan pumps and overall products profiles

    • Key applications and requirements for pumps and pumping system and operational issues --
    • Pumps for Ships for Marine and Offshore services.
    • Pumps for Asphalt/Bitumen Plant
    • Pumps for Lube Oil blending Plant
    • Pumps for Paint and Coating and Chemical – Resins & Polyester, Iso-cyanate; Polyol, Soap & detergents…
    • Pumps for Oil storage and marketing terminal – MDO, MFO, MGO Ship and Truck Loading and Unloading, Bunkering and Drumming etc
    • Pumps for Others …….CPO, Bio-fuel, Glycol, Ethanol, Molten Sulphur, Solvents….